Other Experience


Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators (MAISA)

March, 2015 – August, 2015
  • Provided content advice for MAISA Common Cores State Standards (CCSS) Mathematics Curriculum Materials that included a measurement focus, including a focus on the parts of each unit:
    • Unit overview: overarching question, graphic organizer, key concepts, questions for teachers to ask students, links with CCSSM content standards and standards for mathematical practice
    • Highlight lesson: full lesson written as a model for the unit following the “Thinking Through a Lesson Protocol”
    • Formative assessment: assessment to re-engage students around mathematical ideas and to provide data about student thinking for the teacher
    • Professional learning artifacts: included student work, videos of students working, and teacher thinking
    • Professional and instructional resources: relevant resources, both online materials and text materials
Independent Study – Fourth Grade Volunteer

Supervisor: Dr. Tonya Bartell

August, 2016 – June, 2017
  • As a field experience for an independent study focused on developing further my experience for teaching elementary mathematics methods courses, I am volunteering for a full year in a fourth-grade classroom during mathematics lessons. Throughout the year, I will gain field experience through:
    • Observing teacher practices in mathematics teaching and learning
    • Planning and implementing conceptual tasks with small groups and attending to student thinking
    • Leading mathematics routines, such as Number Talks
    • Planning and implementing full class lessons
Graduate Assistant

Supervisor: Dr. Sabrina Keller

August, 2013 – December, 2013
  • Collected data on required mathematics and mathematics education course offerings for preservice secondary mathematics teachers
  • Collected data on three years of courses and grades that preservice secondary mathematics teachers took as part of their teacher education programs
  • Performed analysis on data to determine potential patterns of “gatekeeper” courses and potential patterns for students’ movement through subject matter