Week 3: Reflection

Most of my thinking this week focused on the task I planned for Friday, Task: Math is Everywhere… in Logan.  One thing that I learned from that is that students had many ideas about locations where math can happen and also they had many questions that could be answered by math (e.g., how much water is in the ocean?, how many words are in a book?).

I wonder if a teacher could have a “comment box” for math questions or contexts that students would enjoy? Would that overlap too much with science or social studies? Or would it be too disruptive? It would be important to spend a little more time with some students who might not have connected school math to outside-world-math?

I’m thinking this way because when I teach Elementary Math Methods courses, I ask future teachers to get to know their students and their students neighborhoods in order to bring questions and high-level tasks into the math classroom that allow students to access their cultural funds of knowledge. I think those types of teacher-developed tasks are important. At the same time, I wonder how students can be encouraged to bring their own tasks in?  For older students, Tonya mentioned to potential for students to bring cameras home or bring cameras from home, to take pictures from their daily life that seem mathematical or inspire mathematical ideas or questions.


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