Creating Technologies to Support Measurement

I worked with a student teacher who had been an undergraduate research assistant for the Strengthening Tomorrow’s Education in Measurement project, and was a recent graduate of Michigan State’s Teacher Education program. She is currently interning in a nearby classroom. She agreed, along with her mentor teacher, to design and implement a lesson with my support. Two redesigned applets resulted, and a third is possible. The link below connects to her lesson.

The student teacher had taught a lesson that incorporated van de Walle’s Crooked Path and Broken Ruler activities two weeks before the technology lesson (Van de Walle, 2013). She created crooked paths in her classroom using masking tape on the floor and on some tables. Students measured them, moving from path to path as they completed each measurement.

The student teacher felt that the STEM Jagged Path applets (see link above) would support the learning goals of her previous lesson by encouraging students to practice skills they had developed as well as deepening their earlier thinking. She asked all students to explore Activity 1, using Activity 3 as an extension for students who finished quickly.

The student teacher and I talked above another applet that could support students’ thinking. She said that her mentor teacher worked hard to encourage her students to confront misconceptions and change their thinking. We designed and created a third applet (shown in Activity 2, using the site link above) that would show the student two “wrong” ways to measure. We asked the students to explain what they thought was the thinking behind each method, and to explain which method they thought was correct – or if neither was correct, to explain what a correct method would be.