Supporting spatial measurement tasks with technology

Session presented at the Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics annual conference in Traverse City, MI.

Download slides here.

In this hands-on session, we introduced several sample tasks that included use of computer applets to strengthen understanding of length and area concepts. Many students struggle with length and area, using only pen and paper or physical manipulatives. In this session, we provided materials to support their learning (that will be available for use during and after the session).

We asked participants to use their devices to work through one sample lesson (Area of Rectangular Regions) including Launch / Explore / Summarize components. We gave participants two sample lessons that they could in their classrooms, along with applets designed and created by Strengthening Tomorrow’s Education in Measurement project.

Stehr, E.M., Gönülateş, F., & Siebers, K. (2013, August) Supporting spatial measurement tasks with technology. Paper presented at the Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference, Traverse City, MI.